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About Chris Buckner

Even though he now resides in New York City, Chris Buckner is a proud son of Knoxville, Tennessee. After graduating high school, Chris attended the University of Tennessee-Knoxville, where he received his Bachelor of Arts in Communications and Public Relations. Known colloquially as Tennessee’s university, UT started as a small college in 1794 but has since grown to become the state’s flagship university and top public research facility state-wide. In addition to its impressive curriculum, the school boasts 225 years of volunteerism, both within Tennessee and around the world. The university’s space and agricultural institutes have a long history of educating residents and visitors and making a difference in people’s lives via research and engagement projects.

More About Chris Buckner

After graduating from college, Chris spent a few years traveling and deciding which career path to take. Being a natural writer, Chris spent years as a columnist for Metropulse, an Association of Alternative Newsmedia (AAN) member. As an outspoken activist from an early age, Chris gravitated toward this medium to promote alternative journalism through advocacy and education. Publications within AAN are recognized for their regional focus on arts and culture, objectivity in news reporting, tolerance for social and individual freedoms, and eagerness to cover subjects and areas that many mainstream media outlets ignore. Chris showcased local artists in his weekly lifestyle column, where he shared museum exhibition experiences and helped promote upcoming bands. 

A natural-born extrovert, Chris Buckner has always been a perfect fit for the sales industry. He has flourished in the retail sector for over two decades. Prior to moving to New York, Chris honed his customer service skills at Three Rivers Market in Knoxville, a food co-op that sustained the Knoxville region and empowered its residents.

As a showroom manager for Crate and Barrel, Chris led $1.5 million in sales in the New York City flagship location and was ranked #1 in sales for his region and #2 for the company as a whole. As the Store Manager at Jonathan Adler Enterprises’ Washington, D.C. branch, Chris capitalized on Georgetown’s vibrant and commercial center by joining the Georgetown Business Improvement District (BID). Chris attended community activities and raised community awareness while increasing his network. 

Chris was assigned a team of workers for the installation of the flagship furniture store when the business opened an NYC site. As Showroom Manager, Chris managed Jonathan Adler’s Lexington Avenue storefront for several years, consistently boosting sales and claiming yearly rises of up to 80%. Despite his managerial rank, Chris Buckner maintained customer service standards that transformed every client visit into a heightened, opulent VIP encounter.

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